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Pepsi Vs. Coke: An analysis


The use of soft drinks has risen manifold in the recent years, from your favorite actor to your beloved cricketer, you can see them all sporting and endorsing a soft-drink. Though we know that soft-drinks are not that good for health, still most of us take soft-drinks without any fuss.

When we are talking of soft-drinks, how can not Pepsi and Coke be reminded of; Pepsi and Coca Cola are two international soft-drink giants which control most of the soft-drinks beverage business in the world. Pepsi has the following brands under its umbrella:
Pepsi, Diet - Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Kurkure, Tropicana, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Slice, Quaker, Aliva, Aquafina, Nimbooz, 7Up, Lays, Uncle Chips etc.

Coke on the other hand has the following brands:
Coca Cola, Coke light, Diet - coke, Kinley water, Kinley Soda, Scheweppes, Minute Maid, Maaza, Limca, Fanta, Sprite, Thums Up, Mountain Dew etc.

Do you really need an MBA!?

Hello friends,

I am back with another post, trying to search the real motive behind an MBA, to discuss various factors one should consider before opting for an MBA.

MBA in India is an obsession, thanks to Media glam sham, an MBA in India is always over-rated. It is as hyped as Kim Kardashian's life. But i pose a question to you, do you really need an MBA? An MBA is often seen as the gateway to money and loads of money, and a foray into Managerial path, but is it really the case? I have a number of my friends who are leading a far more fulfilling and rewarding careers without an MBA degree than some of the IIM grads.

Life is all about happiness. And happiness in life is to do what you like, what you love, and focus all your energies to what you like to do. So, the funda here is to follow your interest, your passion. Hence, if you love coding or are good at some work your doing, i do not see a point in doing an MBA!! Life is not a rat race, we got to walk at our own pace, try and r…

The power of Internet Marketing

Hello friends,

I am back with an article to discuss the power of Internet as an effective Marketing tool.
The world is about to reach a population count of 7 billion; 27% people in the world use Internet, the same figure stands at around 5% in India. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are rapidly increasing their footprint in the Social Media gamut. Hence, it is the age of internet and high time for Marketers to have an online presence to try and reach out the prospective buyers.

How to create our Online Presence?
We can always start with a website, the website is your online identity. It should be a good looking and easy to use and migrate website. The website should clearly illustrate your message or provide the relevant info you seek to communicate to your prospective customers; it should clearly specify your goals and ideology. The website should be hassle free and easy to use.
Customers reviews and feedback; and evaluations by web designers are two parameters which can be used to ju…

AMUL - The Gentle Giant

AMUL stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. 
AMUL is the umbrella brand for a variety of products like Cheese, Milk, Ghee, butter, ice-cream etc.

The real name behind the 'Amul' brand is Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). 
Amul has gone from strength to strength with a great fabric of Supply Chain Management and a low budget yet highly effective and aesthetically pleasing Marketing Campaign, and created history in Indian FMCG sector.

Amul has created a very simple, sociable and Indian brand; people identify themselves with the AMUL brand. 
Lets look at the Marketing Mix of Amul:

Product - Dairy Products, Cooking Products
Price -  Low Pricing Strategy
Place -  Rural and Urban Market, International market
Promotion - Advertisements, Show sponsorship's

A point worth noting is that AMUL spends a mere 1% of its turnover on promotions. The simple yet effective print ad campaign which creates adverts on the daily issues has been a MEGA success; and has greatly been able t…

How to crack an MBA interview!?

Hey Guys,
I am writing this article to help MBA aspirants prepare for MBA interviews or perhaps the final frontier in their quest for an MBA selection. Just a brief about my experience, i have attended various mock interviews, got rejected in XLRI, SPJIMR interviews and have now converted my SP Jain Singapore/Dubai interview. Experience is a great teacher, i realize this now only after being rejected by SPJIMR and XL.
Getting back to business, the most important question faced in any MBA interview is Why an MBA? It is expected for each MBA aspirant to be logically able to answer this question. One should be very clear in his mind, why one needs an MBA, how it is possibly related to his work or how he has shown inclination towards an MBA and how will an MBA help his career growth.
So, one should analyze his profile and map it to an MBA, you should be able to convince the interview panel Why you need an MBA and the interview is half conquered.
For example, in my case, i am a Sales Engi…

The Introduction


My name is Ankit, a 23 yr old free will guy, hoping to change a thing or two in human lives, hoping to spread more happiness in this planet and in an effort to create a better quality life for all the human beings.
I did my B.E. in Computer Science from BITS-Pilani Goa Campus, and will soon be moving to SPJCM ( for an MBA in Marketing. Hence, a fascinating journey with some new friends mingled with an exciting learning experience is about to start. The idea of this blog is to put in all i know of 'Marketing', various assorted Marketing and Sales Gyan, case studies etc. and in due course of time as i start my MBA, will update the blog as i learn more :)
My first guru of Marketing is Mr. Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing; his various fundas and Marketing principles helped me crack my SPJCM interview. I would like to quote a few of the things which i heard from him lectures:
Funda of Marleting is to Create Communicate and Deliver Value to …