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Things are easier said than Done! To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task. The founders of Flipkart have probably conquered their dreams with the amazing success of Flipkart. Flipkart is something which has really opened up the Indian e-commerce market and that also in a big way.

Flipkart was co-founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in Oct 2007. Both are graduates from IIT-Delhi and have prior work experience in They both were solid coders and wanted to open a portal that compared different e-commerce websites, but there were hardly any such sites in India and they decided to give birth to their own e-commerce venture -

Thus was born Flipkart in Oct 2007 with an initial investment of 4 lac (co-founders savings). It was never going to be easy since India has had bad past experiences with e-commerce trading. It was not an easy segment to break into, people were very particular in paying money for something which they ha…

Soft-drink survey - Data Analysis

Dear All,

Thanks for your kind responses to the survey conducted to determine consumer behavior while selecting a soft-drink. Original survey link in case you need to refer to the questions:

A total of 80 completed responses were received for the survey.

Points to be noted:
92% respondents were from the age group of 18-27 years.
70 Males and 10 females responded to the survey.

In the survey, i had requested to list out the top 3 brands which your prefer.
Results: ThumsUp was the most favored Brand with 20 people listing it as their first choice, 12 people listed it as their 2nd choice and 7 people preferred it for the 3rd choice.
Maaza, Pepsi and Sprite each were the 1st choice of 12 respondents.
Coke was the first choice of 10 respondents.

Index of consumer rating for the top 5 brands, in order of their preference is:

ThumsUp - 20, 12, 7
Sprite - 12,11,16
Maaza - 12, 8 ,11
Pepsi -  12, 8 , 9
Coke - 10, 18, 9

These five brands ar…