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How to get fit in a no-nonsense manner!

We often keep on running after life and ignore our health. A healthy body is important for a healthy mind. We might slog today and spoil our health to earn some money! But what good is the extra money if we have to again spend it on our health in future.
The world is getting into a mad race and people are just running and running, some for money, some for power, some to capture their desires. The world is loosing its balance. Though technology is on a rise, the quality of life is increasing but the peace of mind is on a windfall.

Thus, its very important to stay calm and focused in life. We should pay adequate importance to our health else we wont be able to make the most of our life. And even if we are busy, we can definitely take out some time for our health by cutting down idle time, unnecessary gossips, time spent on Facebook etc. etc.

I would like to share my example how i lost 18 kgs in 6 months flat just by following some basic rules.
I did not worry about reducing my weight b…