What does the launch of UberEats and CureFit mean for FoodTech in India?

Remember the dialogue 'Anybody can cook' from the movie Ratatouille? Similar was the scene in the Indian FoodTech sector as there were startups mushrooming in each nook and corner of the country. The FoodTech sector saw an investment of around $321 Million in the year 2015. But in the last couple of years, the funding in FoodTech sector has dried up. The number of startups in FoodTech dropped from a stalwart ‘337' in 2015 to just ’64' in 2016.  In 2015, Food delivery startups grossed $300 Mn in overall sales. In 2016, the amount was expected to be $500 Mn. The market is huge and can very easily touch 1 Bn dollars in the next 2-3 years. With the advent of smartphones and more and more online ordering habits of the millennials and young professionals. This sector is definitely not going to loose steam. So what makes this extremely lucrative segment so hard to crack? It's still fresh in our minds how some of the foodTech startups like Dazo, EatFresh, TinyOwl have fol…

Important things you should know before Filing Income Tax Returns

The deadline to e-file income tax returns for AY '2017-18 is approaching fast. The last date is 31 July 2017 and anyone who has a gross annual income of more than ₹2.5 lakh is lawfully required to file their income tax returns. You should file returns even if you don’t have taxable income because your tax return is an important document. Remember that anyone with an annual gross income of ₹5 lakh and more is required to e-file tax returns. They cannot file physical returns. But before you go about e-filing your tax returns, here are some things that you should know... Information required to file tax returns To file your income tax returns, you will need to have the following information handy: Form 16 if you’re a salaried employeeInterest income detailsPersonal details like PAN, bank account number, etcProofs of tax-saving expenses and investmentsDetails of other incomes, if you have any If you have worked with different companies during the financial year, you should have Form 16…

Before you click that 'Send' button - A complete guide to sending a good email!

Does your email content feel cold and lost in desperation? (yes, that’s Linkin Park). If you need help sweeping your email recipients off their feet, then read on. We’ve got great insights backed by some successful campaigns run by a small team at ClearTax. Writing an email is pretty much like asking someone out on a date. What follows hence is a delightful article giving budding writers invaluable tips on the delicate and nerve-racking art of writing compelling content. When it comes to writing marketing emails, most users just tick off any email that comes off as irrelevant or seems spammy. It’s like the world is in dire need of a Non Proliferation Treaty which prevents all the bad email writing practices from spreading like rabbits. We want to reiterate here that emails are among the best ways of reaching out to newer people/clients. In fact, the team at ClearTax closed major Consulting Firms and secured long lasting relationships just by writing flawless emails. Like all trades, it t…

Customer Lifecycle Management - A beginners guide

Most of the businesses have this as the number one goal -How to keep their users happy and loyal? And then then we worry about things like making money, keep the business sustainable, growing the business etc. This article talks about user lifecycle management - right from acquiring the customer to the product experience and customer satisfaction. The article will focus on different methods and tools we can use to manage each piece of the system. We would also explore creative ways to improve customer experience. The article is written with user journey in mind for any product. Here are some of the list items of the user lifecycle (which i will deep dive into). I will try and keep a keen eye on the tooling aspects and the metrics which can aid us - Customer acquisition - Top of the funnelSEO strategy and landing pages conversionProduct experience - Funnel optimization and conversionDrip campaigns (Email/SMS/App notifications)Customer satisfaction - NPS ratings and feedback  Customer acqu…

How will Facebook monetize Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is one of the biggest acquisition by Facebook. Is the $19 billion dollar justified?
It has been over an year now and whatsapp is growing its user base at an exponential rate. Official records peg whatsapp MAP (Monthly Active Users) at 900 million. And still there are no signs of monetization.

So what is Facebook thinking and what are its plans of monetizing whatsapp?
Mark Zuckerburg is thinking big with whatsapp and focusing on a larger user base which is more engaged. Whatsapp has a different business model and an FB like ad strategy might not work for whatsapp.
Thus, some of the options which whatsapp can use to monetize itself are:

1) Whatsapp can be used for P2P payments. This is a huge use case for whatsapp but there are compliance issues and privacy risks which need to be mitigated before this option can be rolled out.

2) The other option which is much more promising is to leverage the power of connections and create a transactional model of connecting users to busines…

The power of analytics.....Let the numbers speak !!

Data is one of the biggest assets for an organization in today’s era. We leave behind trails and data is collected in every transaction we make, every activity we do. If we go to a store to buy something, the receipt is data generated. We withdraw money from an ATM, we leave behind the transaction details. We go to shopping malls and mega stores, our shopping list generates data and our buying pattern and then there are video cameras which even record our movements. Data is everywhere. There is just too much of data. The rate at which data is being generated is also on an increase. Over 90% of the online data has just been created in the last 2 years. If companies can learn to make sense out of the data, if they can generate insights from the data, there is a real gold mine to be unlocked. Data is thus a game changer.

An in-depth data analysis can generate insights on customer behavior, market movements, prevailing trends, product performance, competitor performance etc. etc. Data c…

The new era of frauds/scams is here.....beware!!

Hello All,

The post is regarding a fresh series of scams prevalent these days. The origin is very professional, people who seem to have a great professional background will connect with you on LinkedIn. And then they send you emails of how they have started an online venture and would like to make you a partner. And the returns will be equal to the investments made etc. etc. They will showcase a proper business plan and lure you into investing some money (for multiple returns). But its a scam!! Once you pay the money, you are duped.

I was once approached by someone in Dubai regarding such scheme by a lady named Rati, i thought it might be something serious and exchanged a number of emails with her. Later on i realized it was gimmick. I thought it was a one off case and just ignored it. However, over the last 2-3 months i was approached in a similar fashion by 3 more people via LinkedIn and then i realized its a new scam surfacing.