The new era of frauds/scams is here.....beware!!

Hello All,

The post is regarding a fresh series of scams prevalent these days. The origin is very professional, people who seem to have a great professional background will connect with you on LinkedIn. And then they send you emails of how they have started an online venture and would like to make you a partner. And the returns will be equal to the investments made etc. etc. They will showcase a proper business plan and lure you into investing some money (for multiple returns). But its a scam!! Once you pay the money, you are duped.

I was once approached by someone in Dubai regarding such scheme by a lady named Rati, i thought it might be something serious and exchanged a number of emails with her. Later on i realized it was gimmick. I thought it was a one off case and just ignored it. However, over the last 2-3 months i was approached in a similar fashion by 3 more people via LinkedIn and then i realized its a new scam surfacing.

I mean just imagine, someone totally unknown to you wanting to make you a partner in a multi-million dollar project, yes its a joke and if you believe it, you are likely to be duped!! Also, such emails are sent after someone connects with you through LinkedIn. So you are kept under the impression that the other guy is genuine, which however is not the case.

I will mention some of the emails which i have got, so that you can be well informed and do not fall for such scams.

Sample 1:

Hi Ankit
How are you doing? hows the work going? Hope all going well.
 Let me introduce myself - this is Keshava Chandrashekar, based out of UK and I am currently in India to expand the business. Work experience of 15yrs with the corporate world.  Currently working on a business project with  professionals  from various backgrounds(including CIO/CXO's) all working towards business expansion for this $3 billion company.
 We basically identify strategies, capture new markets & whatever turnover we generate we are entitled to a profit share. We are looking to expanding our bandwidth & are open to few new partners.
 To be a part of this project requires investment of time, money (directly proportional to the returns/profit share you would look from the venture) and being open to learning about a new industry sector.
 If you would like to explore a business opportunity, please call me or send ur mobile no so that i will give u a call. No promises from either end, if our wave lengths and interests match, we shall work together.
 Look forward to talking to you.
Otherwise, please ignore this message.

thank you for your time


Keshava Chandrashekar

Sample 2:

(This one is more like an online Amway business, sheer wastage of time and money. I once had a guy invite me over to CCD saying that he owns an eCommerce venture. I spent 2 hrs in the meeting and it turned out to be a stupid direct selling business!!)

Dear Mr. Ankit Chaudhary,

Good Day!

Thanks for connecting with me. Hope you might have gone through my profile and back ground. I was part of HR Industry for the last 13+ years and having my own venture since December 2011 and doing fantastic and growing across India and Abroad. Your profile looks Interesting to me. Hence checking with you.

I am looking for few more Ambitious/Likeminded people to assist my project and work with me as Global Partner for equal partnership as PART TIME!!

Just curious to check with you based on your background. If you want to understand and would like to take it forward for one discussion please do let me know. I am more happy to coordinate with your timings to share this Biz opportunity. This comes under Direct Selling Industry ( Kindly confirm about your availability for one quick discussion over Skype. We have our strong presence over Mumbai and Pune.

This is something much more Interesting about my Dream Project/Multi Million Dollar project assistance.

Appreciate your kind response at the earliest. Please feel free to call me for any further assistance.

Padmanaban R
(91) 9845234491
Skype: paddyr1974

Sample 3: 

PS: Read the conversation from bottom to top. It followed after a lady named Rati Mangal, added me on Linked. Its interesting ;-)


Rati Mangal has sent you a message.
Date: 2/21/2013
Subject: Re: RE: Hello
Thank you for your interest in knowing the opportunity.

Let me make it very clear on first hand, that I am not offering any job ;) Because I myself believe in the concept that each individual has more potential to progress when they work for them self rather than under someone. And that is the reason for me to start independently along with my current profile. Also, I preferred to work as per my convenience rather than others will!

It does not mean that you have to move out from your job as it can be worked on flexible hours from anywhere in the Globe!

I am in the process of identifying key partners to expand my biz globally. I am looking for people with right mindset, commitment and discipline to associate with. It is a project for 3 to 4 yrs with huge earning potential. There will be lot of hard work, learning and personality development. If you believe that below is the key factors to have big business in future, we may discuss further

1. E commerce - online shops - with zero recurrent cost and global reach of cutomers
2. Word of mouth / social media - referral marketing with zero cost on marketing
3. Leverage - increase productive hours with equal benefit

Let me know whether you are open to the above concept, then we will move into specific details. Please let me know when it is suitable time for me to call you to discuss further.

If not, wishing you very best in future!

With best regards
Rati Mangal
Hey Rati,

I am doing great. I am in the last month of my MBA.
Yes, i am looking for Management Consultant and Business Analyst roles.

It will be really great if you can help me.


On 02/21/13 5:46 AM, Rati Mangal wrote:


How are you doing? hows the work going? Hope all going well.

The reason for my contact to you is to identify whether you are looking forward for any other opportunity in future other than or in addition to your current position to grow yourself as person and financially.

Please do let me know if you are. Otherwise, please ignore this message.

Thank you for your time
Rati Mangal

I would like to end the post on a small note: Be cautious, Be safe!!

PS: Please share the post and spread awareness.